Organic Renewal

Benefits of Organic Renewal Facial

Passion Fruit

  • Vitamin A, particularly beta carotene contained in this fruit is required for healthy skin, cell growth and reproduction.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant┬áthat provides protection against free radical damage, thus preventing pre-mature aging and keeping your immune system strong.

This facial is excellent for pre-wedding, event or dinners, it instantly brightens your skin with no downtime. It is also recommend for people who suffers from uneven skin tone.

What type of skin conditions do Organic Renewal Facial treat ?

  • All skin types, from oily to sensitive, young to mature skin types
  • Including sensitive skin as the ingredients used in the facial are organic and would not cause agitation to your skin

What to expect during the facial ?

Duration : 90 mins

Double Cleanse + Balance skin’s PH

Passion Fruit + Anti-Oxidant penetration

Photo-Aging light therapy + Mask

Organic anti-aging lift penetration

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