CelluWave Body Smooth

What can Celluwave treat?

  • All stages of Cellulite
  • Hard/Stubborn fats around thighs, buttocks, upper arms and love handles
  • Skin smoothing and rejuvenation

Stages of Cellulite

Stage 1: No visible signs of cellulite. It only appears slightly when pinched.

Stage 2: Skin has thickened and has a definite “orange peel” effect when pinched. You may notice slight discoloration of the skin or broken veins and capillaries.

Stage 3: Cellulite is already visible and has a significant “orange peel” appearance without pinching

Stage 4: Skin has a swollen appearance.  Unsightly, large lumps with deep dimples have nowhere to hide.

How does the Acoustic Wave Treatment work?

The Science Behind – This non-invasive procedure conducts pressure waves that target the fibrous bands of connective tissue responsible for cellulite. As we age, this connective tissue stiffens and contracts, pulling down on the surface of the skin, creating the unsightly dimpling and rippling of the skin seen on the back of thighs. Celluwave Therapy sends pressure waves into the skin and fat to break down the fibrous layer that causes cellulite resulting in a smoother surface.

Celluwave is uniquely suited to treat cellulite.


Treatment procedure

The procedure is carried out with the client lying down comfortably on the treatment bed.

The treatment takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes in total and has two stages. The first stage immobilises fat cells. Most clients do not sense any discomfort. Some even find the treatment relaxing. During the second stage, vibrations are stronger and accompanied by a loud sound. Some mild discomfort in tender areas may be felt. Tolerance typically increases with more sessions.

Is the Celluwave Therapy right for me?

Celluwave is effective in treating both men and women who wish to improve the appearance of cellulite and have tighter, toned, and smoother skin. For the men, it is a particularly effective method for reducing “love handles”.

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