Calecim Youth Activation Facetherapy

What is Calecim Facetherapy ?

A luxurious and effective treatment formulated by Nu.Reflections.

Derived from patented umbilical cord lining extract, Calecim Professional Skincare can treat multiple signs of ageing, and works well as a daily at-home maintenance regime.  When used in conjunction with aesthetic in-clinic procedures, it can amplify skin’s natural restoration process, resulting in improved aesthetic results, as well as reducing post-procedure downtime, swelling and discomfort.

How it works ?

  • Treatment starts with deep cleansing with Hydrodermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin, medical grade diamonds exfoliate the outer layer of skin while infusing a dermaceutical to the skin, stimulating new cell growth.
  • High concentration of stem cell condition media derived from cord-lining extract serum is applied unto the skin using Ultrasound technology and deep rub-in massage, followed by a relaxing shoulder massage.
  • Treatment is completed with the use of LED light of Phototherapy to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres and application of Calecim Restorative Hydration Cream, which provides immediate hydrating relief for the skin.  The skin is restored to its original, youthful state.


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