Platinum Face Lift and Revial Eye Lifting

Benefits of Platinum Face Lift and the Revival Eye Lift

Platinum Face Lift is highly effective in maintaining younger skin. It is capable of revitalising skin cell activity by playing a positive role in optimising skin health and reducing the effects of the passage of time.

  • Reducing appearance of fine lines on areas such foreheads, around mouth and cheeks
  • Lifting of areas such as cheeks, smile lines and jowl
  • Stimulation of collagen reproduction and total skin rejuvenation

Revival Eye Lift is a restorative eye therapy for tired looking and wrinkles around the eye area. Using the same technology as Platinum Face Lift it is able to achieve the optimum lifting effect of your eye contour area.

  • Relieve of tired and dull looking eyes
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines around eye contours
  • Lift and Rejuvenation of eye contours
  • Improve blood circulation hence improving the appearance of dark eye circles

What type of skin conditions is suitable for Platinum Face Lift and Revival Eye Lift ?

These treatments address age-related wrinkles and folds, as well as skin that lacks lustre and suffers from the effects of gravity.

  • Aging & Mature skin types
  • Reducing puffy eyes and cheeks

Not recommended for people who has acne prone skin types

How do these treatments work ?

Regenerative radio frequency equipment use high frequency currents to raise the internal temperature of human tissue. The resulting deep tissue temperature increase causes cell regeneration.

Platinum Face Lift and Indiba Eye Lift stimulate tissue with triple action potency:

Proionic Action. Ions, micro-particles that have vital functions in cell metabolism, are mobilised and rebalanced.

Microcirculation. Thermal action increases capillary circulation and oxygenates tissues, draining and eliminating impurities.

Hyperthermis. Elasticity increases, fibrosis is reduced, and cell metabolism is improved.

What to expect during the facial ?

Platinum Face Lift Duration : 90 mins

Double Cleanse

Lymph nodes activation

Indiba movements on face & neck performed to enhance lifting and toning effect

Balancing face massage for radiance & blood circulation

Photo-Aging light therapy

Nu.Reflections Skincare

Revival Eye Lifting Duration : 60 mins

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