The Low Down of HIFU: What you should know before a HIFU treatment

Having been in the medical aesthetics field for 20 years, I have seen many patients with a variety of concerns. However, the most common would be – saggy skin. For some, I would recommend Botox, for others it would be HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound).   There may be some of you who have heard […]


A buzz word in the beauty industry, micro needling involves exactly what its name suggests: running small needles over your face. It has garnered interest of beauty junkies globally, especially after many celebrities openly share their micro needling experience on social media. The most widely discussed being Kim Kardashian’s ‘vampire facial’ experience which was featured […]

Acne Myth Busters & The Truth about Acne

Myth – Acne is serious; most of us only have pimples.  Acne is the medical name for pimples, and medical professionals refer to pimples as acne. This myth was propagated probably because you only hear the word “acne” at a doctor’s clinic and usually those who turn up at a clinic have serious acne. Acne comes in many grades of […]