Aesthetics 101: How to Find the Right Doctor and Treatment

Recent guidelines by MOH that govern aesthetic practice serve as a safety framework to protect both doctors and patients. General practitioners and specialists in various fields are allowed to offer aesthetic treatments as part of their practice, but no one can claim to be a “specialist” in that field. So how do you choose the […]


Acne Myth Busters & The Truth about Acne

Myth – Acne is serious; most of us only have pimples.  Acne is the medical name for pimples, and medical professionals refer to pimples as acne. This myth was propagated probably because you only hear the word “acne” at a doctor’s clinic and usually those who turn up at a clinic have serious acne. Acne comes in many grades of […]


Myths about Botox BUSTED!

Myth – Injecting Botox is like putting poison in your body. It is true that Botox is a purified protein derived from the Clostridium Botulini bacteria. This protein is by definition a toxin because in its raw state, it produces the disease Botulism that paralyses muscles affecting breathing and is potentially fatal. However Botox has successfully […]