Our Clinic

Nu.Reflections Medical Treatments Clinic

Nu.Reflections is a fully registered Medical Aesthetics clinic. It is dedicated to natural-looking beauty, achieved through minimally invasive skin and face solutions.

The clinic takes pride in combining medical science with seasoned artistry. Since opening doors in 2000, more than 10,000 patients have benefited from this signature approach to treatment, including over 20,000 successful Botox and Filler injections.

Nu. Reflections  is one of the earlier clinics with aesthetic therapies in Singapore such as the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and EnerJet systems. Services on offer are comprehensive. These include the gentle yet effective enchancement of facial features, and sagging skin. Treatments are FDA – approved, safe, comfortable, and result in minimal downtime – performed by an expert team using only the best quality equipment and facilities. Regardless of age or gender, patients step out with a more balanced, more harmonious overall appearance.


To be a household name and the preferred choice for aesthetic services in Singapore.


To provide the best solution to meet our clients’ need in a professional and caring way


Beauty is in every individual and we can bring that out with subtle yet impactful refinements that appears natural.


We place clients’ interest above all else


Our Core Values

Noticeable – our treatments must give noticeable change to clients

Understanding – we try to understand clients’ motivation for seeking treatments

Responsible – we are responsible for the outcome of our treatments

Efficient – we are cost efficient, giving clients most value for their money

Factual – we will give clients all the facts so they can make informed decision

Listen – we listen to our clients

Effective – we only recommend treatments that are effective

Caring – we must care for our clients

Trust – we must not betray the trust our clients have in us

Integrity – we carry ourselves with integrity

Option – we give clients different options to best suit them

Natural – we aim for an outcome that is natural-looking https://essayhelp-now.com

Sincere – we treat our clients with sincerity