Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) Threads

What is Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) Threads

Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) threads, a thread lift technique that brings a lasting V-shape face with its two-step lifting effect. Its innovative combination of materials, p(LA-CL), are twice as strong compared to other threads and produces greater elasticity and flexibility compared to previous techniques, bringing us natural-looking results.

What is p(LA-CL)?

Happy Lift threads are based on a polymer of poly lactic acid and caprolaction p(LA-CL) material that is biodegradable, collagen stimulating and increase elasticity. The relative percentages of the 2 polymers, along with their polymerisation structure and degree are patented and have been specifically studied to support a correct balance of all technical features.

How it works?

The Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) free floating threads are bidirectional and convergent threads.

The barbed threads interact with the soft tissue by a double mechanism of action: lifting action (mechanical lift) and biostimulation of tissues (histological lift). Biostimualation of tissues promotes synthesis of collagen, elastin and HA.

Cogs in barb are bidirectional and move the thread in two opposing directions, eliminating migration tendency


Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) Threads are the results of 10 years of research and studies aimed at achieving an effective solution for a non surgical, minimally invasive face lift.

Clinical studies show that Happy Lift™ (Revitalizing) Threads allow:

  1. An immediate facial contours redefinition
  2. Satisfactory outcome for majority of patients

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